Phelan Scanlon is a great friend from our university days. It dawned on me as I watched him pursue a career in the Anglican priesthood, that there occurs in our society a certain type of martyrdom, moral more than physical. In a society of tolerance, we are all free to do more or less what we wish, but the price is that what we do is most certainly ignored or made irrelevant. Each one of us can hold beliefs and undertake tasks that we feel are of critical importance, and yet who we are and all we stand for can be so easily dismissed.

The setting is the Great Hall in Champlain Colege, Trent University. Looking down on the scene gives it a unique perspective, a ceratin kind of theology whereby the observer takes on the perspective usually reserved for God. Phelan's personality is an extraordinary mixture of dedication, humour, and frustration, and I think he gives us just the right look.

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