Morning Exit

Although this is the highway cut-off south of Sudbury, ON, it could be anywhere. Life demands choice, and with every decision the road not taken looms in the imagination. Part of maturing is to be settled with this; to know that the roads of possibility one never takes are an inevitability.

One can contemplate these things, alone on the road, in early morning.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. French,
I saw this lovely painting at the Papermill Gallery in June and fell in love with it. I wondered if it was sold, or if not, if I might be able to purchase it for a gift for my husband, who also loved it. I have been unable to find any other way to reach you, except through this blog. Thanks,
Valerie McDonald

Geekin'Girl said...

Hi Valerie -
Lyn here - the ghost blogger for Dave. Sorry it took so long to respond - I've been backpacking in Nahanni. But, I've passed on your inquiry to Dave. You can reach him at dfrench at trentu dot ca.